Shadow of the Boundary

Bunbunmaru Special: Unexplained Fights Syndrome!

3rd of the Deutzia Month

Could a new incident be brewing in Gensokyo? The Shrine Maiden says no!

Buried under the surprise birthday party of Hakurei Reimu, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, a threat to the safety of Gensokyo’s more innocent youkai might be baring its head.

Last night two different youkai were accosted by a mysterious tall figure. They were told that they were being engaged in a fight, then were swiftly defeated. Shortly thereafter the attacker disappeared.

“It hurt! More than an acorn to the face!” said one of the youkai attacked, who wishes to remain nameless over a silly superstition about losing names when they are written down.

The two attacks took place at a distance from each other, one close to the Human Village and the other close to the Garden of the Sun. Yuuka was unavailable to comment about the proximity of the attack to her home.

When asked about the attacks, the shrine maiden replied, “do something about it? It’s youkai beating up youkai. Two? That’s not an incident. Tell me when a human gets beat up. And get out of my house, I need to clean up. So many holes in my walls…”

There are rumors that other innocent youkai were assaulted by the same mysterious figure in nights past, but none of the victims have stepped forward. It is not often that youkai are attacked by youkai in Gensokyo.

Meanwhile, a group of youkai was spotted heading away from the shrine after talking with one of the victims. Have they decided on vigilante justice? We will find out!

(Shameimaru Aya)



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