Shadow of the Boundary

Fake Reimu Unmasked!

4th of the Planting Month, Slightly Later Evening

(Next to the article is a picture taken of Sokkuri the Doppleganger, in the middle of transforming into the likeness of Reimu)

Not all is at it seems at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu has not been feeling herself recently, because she has not been herself. An imposter, a doppleganger, took her place an unknown amount of time ago.

Certain residents of Gensokyo, (insert party’s names here), found the Shrine Maiden’s actions suspicious. While the group confronted her, an ancient Youkai attacked Reimu, forcing her to reveal her shapechanging abilities to survive the encounter. Reimu is not known to have any shapechanging abilities.

The imposter was subdued by the group and relieved of her magic. She offered no information except that she played a part in a greater plan, before an external spell rendered her unconscious.

That same spell did something to all of the witnesses of the event. Research into the effects of the spell is ongoing.

Rumors of the Shrine Maiden’s recent laziness, callousness, and unwillingness to engage in her Youkai extermination job is conjectured to be the work of the imposter.

The real Hakurei Reimu is still missing. Since the Border seems to be still intact, she is believed to be alive. Any information about her current location would be appreciated.

(Shameimaru Aya)



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