Shadow of the Boundary

Mysterious Character Attacks Magic Shop, Makes Off with Magician

3rd of the Planting Month

In the middle of the night last night, a certain group of three fairies went to visit the Kirisame Magic Shop, located in the Forest of Magic. They did not expect the sight that greeted their eyes. The shop had been ransacked!

“Normally she just throws stuff anywhere and it’s a big mess,” said the drill-haired fairy, “but tonight things were broken! She may be messy but she doesn’t break anything!” Also, a hole had been blasted in the side of the house.

The shop’s owner, one Kirisami Marisa, was kidnapped during the attack. She was bound with “some sort of glowey magical rope,” reports energetic light-bending fairy, “and her hat was pulled over her face. She was struggling, but couldn’t move!”

The perpetrator of the attack was fleeing the scene at the time the fairies arrived. With their hood up, they did not see the perpetrator’s face, but they “smelled bad, kind of like a wet dog after rolling in something stinky,” according to the fairy with the Hime cut hair.

The fairies were unfortunately exterminated by the kidnapper before they could gain any more details. When pressed into whether she would investigate the magician’s disappearance, Hakurei Reimu stated, “she’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

If you know of any clues regarding Kirisame Marisa’s location, please send them to the Youkai Mountain.

(Shameimaru Aya)



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