Shadow of the Boundary

New Danger in the Forest

20th of the Deutzia Month

A new threat to both human and youkai has emerged in the forest south of the Human Village.

They rampage across the lands. Already one farmer has had his crops burnt down by them. Kagiyama Hina was quick to show up and relieve the family of its misfortune.

“The fire which burnt down the farmer’s crops was fueled partially by misfortune. Whatever created the youkai that did this, it was very, very unlucky.”

Witnesses described the attack as being perpetrated by an unlikely source, a herd of squirrels.

“There were many of them! More than many, LOTS!” Ice fairy Cirno was one of those attacked by the squirrels. “Not only were there lots, but they were also on fire. Flaming squirrels! When I extinguished one, the rest bit me until I had to take a nap and wake up again. It hurt.”

Shrine Maiden Hakurei Reimu responded to questions about the new youkai by attacking the poor, innocent reporter. A spider youkai that lives near the fire squirrel’s base of operations was unavailable for comment.

Fortunately the new adversary’s rampages are localized to the southern half of Gensokyo, and they have not neared the Human Village.

(Shameimaru Aya)



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