Shadow of the Boundary

Nude Adopted Tengu on the Warpath

24th of the Deutzia Month

Wargames between the Youkai Mountain Tengu Patrol and the Kappa who live on the mountain came to an odd result as the VIP in one of the game had a mental breakdown.

Four members of the Tengu Patrol were assigned to guard Urasenke no Zenko, known as Ginkyo, from a Kappa attack of unknown type. Ginkyo is a resident of the Youkai Mountain and is a Kitsune adopted as a Tengu. As part of the wargames, the Kappa had to be unaware of the VIP’s movements.

Unfortunately the methodology used to ensure the Kappa’s ignorance of Ginkyo’s location was to insist that she not remain at home and to not be told why she had to leave or why there were four Tengu guarding her. This resulted in a mental breakdown as the Kitsune thought she was being exiled.

The Kappa finally made their move at the Hot Springs fed by the Underground, assaulting the VIP and her guard with an experimental mecha. After a fierce battle, the Tengu defeated the Kappa.

This was when Ginkyo’s mental breakdown completed itself. Using her servant, the rather fluffy Daimofujin, she had the mecha repaired and attempted her own invasion of the Youkai Mountain. Without clothes, as she had just gotten out of the Hot Springs.

Fortunately her friends managed to sooth her and clothe her before she could reach her destination cause lasting damage. Her adoptive family took her back in and explained that she was not being exiled.

The four members of the Tengu Patrol assigned to guard her did not wish to comment on Ginkyo’s mental state. Instead they complained about their assigned callsigns, bizarre combinations of Western and Eastern names.

“Inubashiri Momiji may be our leader, but she has to defer to Shameimaru Aya, who insisted on giving us the silly names. Man, Aya’s a jerk. Er, I’ll be anonymous, right?”

You heard it here first, folks. Aya is a jerk.

(Himekaidou Hatate)



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