Shadow of the Boundary

Warei Family Exterminates Primeval Youkai

4th of the Planting Month, Evening

Their origins lay alongside the Hakurei’s, and in a recent skirmish at the Hakurei Shrine, the Warei family has shown that they do not shy away from Youkai extermination.

Few Youkai in Gensokyo have not adapted a human form, but those who have not resent those who have. One such Youkai, more specifically a spiritual confederation of Youkai in one “body,” broke free of its seals and sought revenge on the Shrine Maiden.

Either it was successful or Hakurei Reimu was not at home, becuase Warei Noroiko discovered the ancient Youkai at the Shrine with no Shrine Maiden in sight. There were the remains of a danmaku battle, however.

Resealing the released Youkai required the assistance of Noroiko’s husband and her son, Ashiro and Motochi. The Youkai is currently sealed within an iron statue by the Warei Mansion’s front gate.

You can normally tell when these old youkai have eaten somebody, according to Warei Ashiro. Their bodies get engorged and bloated, even ones without a proper physical form. This Youkai still appeared lean.

“Unfortunately, Reimu appears to have failed to defend her home, and we had to step in to prevent the destruction of the Hakurei Shrine,” says Ashiro. “Needless to say, losing the Shrine could spell the doom of Gensokyo.”

The Warei family has offered a reward to any who knows the whereabouts of Reimu. They are also interested in tracking down the other Youkai who recently attacked the Human Village.

(Himekaidou Hatate)



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