Shadow of the Boundary

Youkai Buster Busted

4th of the Planting Month

Observers were stunned.

A youkai attacked the Human Village and made off with two humans. This alone is surprising in this day in age, as it was unprovoked. It also happened under the bright sun of the day, another surprising fact.

The most surprising of all is that Hakurei Reimu was on-site and did not stop the aggressive youkai. The youkai, hood over their face and stink at their feet, smashed through the wall of a house directly across the street from where the shrine maiden was having tea.

Witnesses report that she just watched the incident while sipping her tea. She rose into the air as the youkai started to flee with the captured humans, but she did not follow. Instead she is reported to have said, “I’m tired, I’m headed home for a nap.”

The Human Village stared in disbelief as their protector departed without even launching a single seal at the belligerent youkai. Grumbling of discontent has started. A rumor has even been spread that Reimu has defected to the youkai, with the prevalence of youkai at her shrine as evidence.

A painter and their model were the ones kidnapped. Their identities are not being released by request of the families.

(Shameimaru Aya)



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