Ekaterina Nemtsev

The Haunted Devil from the West


Name: Ekaterina Nemtsev
Race: Vampire
Special: Bloodsucking
Cherry Points (Current/Spent): 38/38

Hat – 5
Might: 5
Agility: 2
Danmaku – 5
Thought: 2
Spirit: 5
Mystique: 1

Derived Statistics
Lives: 5 (Current 5)
Spellcards: 5
Cherry Dice: 10 (Available: 4)

Combat Talents
Brawling: 5
Deflect: 5

Danmaku Talents
Laser: 5
Random: 2
Swarm: 3

Other Talents
Willpower (2)
Perception (2)
Herbalism (1)
Stealth (1)

Ekaterina is a natural medium. She’s unable to ever turn off this ability, but does exert a small bit of control over the ghosts she sees.

Dash Attack (Improved)
Natural Weapon (2) – Nails, Fangs and Wings
Property(2) – Ekaterina has a sizable western style house surrounded by an orchard of mainly pear and apple trees. It’s obvious to anyone with the lightest bit of sensitivity in spiritual matters that there is something very wrong with the fruit borne from it, despite it’s normal appearance.
Phobia (2) – Ghosts
Mental issue (2) – Ekaterina acts as prideful and haughty as any vampire, but is in fact rather emotionally frail and can fall to pieces easily. At the best of times, she can be a neurotic mess.
Code of Honor (1) – While not a formal code, Ekaterina is unquestionably devoted to those she considers friends, often to great personal risk.

Odd Posessions:
1 jar of Royal Jelly

Cheating Spell Card
Improved Dash Attack
Brawling (2)
Deflect (2)
Might (2)
Spirit (2)
Laser (2)
Swarm (1)
Perception (1)


A vampire from the West, Ekaterina is often ignorant of Gensokyo’s customs and youkai. Her Japanese likewise can be a bit rough at times. Young at the time of becoming a vampire, she is naive and opinionated. Like all vampires, she bears an unmistakable air of superiority and ego. In spite of this, she tends to be rather frail and can easily fall to pieces, being prone to fits of anxiety. Oddly for a Vampire as well, she carries an incredible amount of devotion to her friends, often at great personal cost.

Ekaterina has a youthful face broken up only by her crimson red eyes and noticeable sharp fangs. Most observers would put her in her mid to late teens. Her hair is blonde and cut short in front and in the back, hanging longer on the sides. She wears a deep red crown-like hat embroidered with silver thread. Her dress is sleeveless and bears similar silver embroidery. Underneath her dress she wears a long white puffy shirt. When out in the sun, she wears an old long green coat over her batlike wings and carries a parasol.

Ekaterina Nemtsev

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