Ginkyo, Urasenke no Zenko

The Useless Tea Shop Tower



裏千家の善狐, 銀杏
Origin: Kitsune
Bonus: Shapeshifting
Ability: To cook anything
CP: 7.25/148.25


  • Might: 2
  • Agility: 6


  • Thought: 5
  • Spirit: 2
  • Mystique: 5

Hat: 6
Danmaku: 6
Lives: 6/6
Cherry Dice: 7/12
Spellcards: 6/6

Advantages: Beautiful 2, Beautiful Mind 3, Graceful 1, Shikigami 3, Specialist (Thought), Small Hitbox, Impressive Theme Song Lvl:3, Amazing Hat
Disadvantages (5): Allergy (direct sunlight on skin/eyes) 2, Poor Sense (Sight) 2, Were-Beast (Fluffy) 1


  • Brawling 0
  • Deflect 0
  • Dodge 6
  • Martial Arts 0
  • Weaponry 0


  • Curvy 0
  • Fast 5
  • Homing 5
  • Huge 0
  • Laser 2
  • Random 0
  • Slow 0
  • Swarm 0
  • Unusual 0


  • Cooking 5
  • Charm 5
  • Tea Ceremony 1
  • Onmyoudo 5
  • Deception 5
  • Willpower 2

Magic (0/27 Spell Points)

  • Kitsunebi (2)
    - Effect: Create Light, 1
    - Duration: Round, 1
    - Single Target
  • Foxfire Illusion (13)
    - Effect: Illusion, 5 (Human-sized, Senses Affected: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Spiritual; Difficulty Penalty: -8)
    - Effect: Compulsion “Praise Inari-Okami”, 5 (Difficulty: Extra)
    - Duration: Encounter, 3
  • Kitsune Dander (12)
    - Effect: Cause Disadvantage, Allergy (3)
    - Effect: Penalize -6, Spirit (6)
    - Duration: Encounter (3)

1. [Cooking Sign] The Golden Silver Buffet
2. [Moon Sign] Lotus, Bean, and 5 Kernel Gifts
3. [Fox Sign] False Messenger of Inari
4. [Cooking Sign] (Retreat from) The Kitchen God’s Kitchen
5. [Insanity Sign] Gensoukyo Common Sense
6. [Capital Sign] Feast of the Old Capital


Urasenke-no-zenko (裏千家の善狐)
Given Name: Ginkyo (銀杏)

Her family is a long line of zenko pledged to the human Urasenke tea school in the Outside World. Ginkyo’s own birth as a pure white fox was heralded as a gift from Inari, until it was discovered she was actually just an albino child, disappointing much of her clan. While taught properly to uphold her family’s tradition and tea skills, she was always treated as a disappointment outside of her immediate family.

In her third century, she ran off on a journey in a huff being able to take no more abuse, and was inadvertently trapped in what was to be Gensokyo as it was sealed off. There, she was picked up by a kind white wolf tengu as a helper for his fledgling tea shop, inadvertently showing an aptitude for it. Taking him and his family as a new surrogate family, she learned to cook and the tea shop flourished under the master.

With the master’s two daughters, she ranks as the third chef in his restaurant. When the master left mysteriously two centuries before, Ginkyo and her adopted sisters were left to handle the restaurant.

She was given and wears the tea shop tower master’s old maple shield as a hat, since it is not only light, but extends magically to an extent, making a serviceable hat and even wok.
Ginkyo is very tall for a woman at around six feet in height. However, she’s not truly physically healthy due to her inability to stay in direct sunlight too long. She sunburns easily and has to wear sunglasses and long clothes outside in daylight.

The Silver Tower of Youkai Mountain
Started by the old master, this four-story tower is in the style of a traditional multi-storied Chinese restaurant. It is slightly up a ways on Youkai Mountain, and situated in a relatively small clearing of gingko trees. It specializes in gingko-based recipes.
The lowest story is a wide, hexagonal ground floor where any youkai in the area should wish to come for a bite and sit at the bars and communal tables, mostly serving other white wolf tengu and kappa of the mountain. It is a popular izakaya-style bar.
The second story is dedicated completely to a kitchen for the other three floors.
The third and fourth floors are dedicated for progressively higher-ranked guests, most likely crow tengu and daitengu. While younger, Ginkyo’s adopted sisters are the chefs/hostesses for these upper floors. The third floor could be likened to a relatively modern Japanese restaurant. The fourth and highest floor is most like a traditional Japanese restaurant and tea room.
There is a house nearby where the girls and Ginkyo live. Daimofujin lives in relative luxury compared to his subordinates in a large shed nearby.

Ginkyo, Urasenke no Zenko

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