Kurogoke Anegumo

Black Widow Yokai with the power of thread and rope manipulation


Hat 5
-Might 1+1
-Agility 3+2=5

Danmaku 5+1=6
-Thought 3+2
-Spirit 3+2
-Mystique 3+2



Cherry Dice

Owned Items
Nine Random Effect Amulets
Ruby necklace mounted to a gold chain which may be an heirloom item
Sake Bottles
Random Jewelry

Dodge 3+2

Curvy 0
Fast 0
Homing 0
Huge 0
Laser 2+4
Random 0
Slow 1+5
Swarm 0
Unusual 2+4

Threadspinning 1+4
Perception 1+3
Seduction 1+4
Willpower +3
Music (Shamisen) +2
??? +2

Beautiful Mind – +1 Danmaku aspect

Were-Beast Fluffy
Mental Issue: Afraid of Pink

Spider’s Kiss
T: Slow S: Laser M: Unusual
“Lips of a woman are decieving, as they deliver a nasty bite. Piercing fanged Danmaku shoot at the enemy”

Spider Sign: Web Mesh Graveyard
T: Unusual S: Slow M: Laser
“A beautiful web of long laser danmaku create an elegant display, staying in place waiting for a fly to enter.”

Arachnophobia: Passionate Embrace
T: Laser S: Unusual M: Slow
“Long thread danmaku come in to give the target a slicing embrace, wrapping them in crushing threads.”

Lacy Garments of the Widow
T: Slow S: Unusual M: Laser
“This display is usually the last thing an enemy sees before it reaches paradise. A beautiful display of laced danmaku.”

Spider Sign: Itsy Bitsy Spiders
T: Laser S: Slow M: Unusual
“Dozens of danmaku shaped as spiders crawl through the air, aiming to give the reciever an explosive bite.”

Geisha Sign: Musical Threads
T: Unusual S: Laser M: Slow
“Long thin strings spready across the battlefield, the wind blowing through them making then twang with a clear japanese tone.”

30/30 Used at Creation
15/15 1st Advancement
3/3 2nd Advancement
3/3 3rd Advancement
3/3 4th Advancement
4/4 5th Advancement
4/4 6th Advancement
3/3 7th Advancement
3/3 8th Advancement
3/3 9th Advancement
3/3 10th Advancement
2/2 11th Advancement
2/2 12th Advancement
2/2 13th Advancement
2/2 14th Advancement
2/2 15th Advancement
2/2 16th advance (yakumo dream mini)
2/2 17th advance
2/2 18th advance
3/3 19th advance
2/2 20th advance
3/3 21st advance
3/3 22nd advance (defeated noroiko and shiro)
2/2 23rd advance
2/2 24th advance
4/4 25th advance (Finished campaign)
2/2 26th advance
2/2 27th advance
2/2 28th advance
2/2 29th advance
2/2 30th advance
2/2 31st advance
2/2 32nd advance
2/2 33rd advance
2/2 34th advance
1/1 35th advance (fairy play)
0/2 36th advance


She wears a loose Japanese Kimono with long sleeves. Her body is tall and thin, with her five arms sticking out of her kimono sleeves. She has Two arms on the left and Three on the right, the sixth is was presumably lost when she lost her eye. Her hair is long and black like a dark silk. She has two normal red eyes, along with six solid red eyes surrounding them. Her left eye has an eyepatch and a scar. Her hat is a small Tricorn, stylized with Japanese Prints and fur lining. Well endowed.

When she spins thread, it comes from inside her sleeves

In youkai form, one of her arms is missing, in werebeast form her leg.
Her Were-Yokai form is her upper torso atop of a large spider’s body
Fluffy Form is an adorable fluffy spider with a leg missing.


Kurogoke Anegumo

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