Omoikiru Kagira

Shinto goddess of prisons


Omoikiru Kagiru

Origin: God


Skeleton Key: Kagiru can use any one of her fingers to open or seal any lock, even those that don’t require keys.


Might: 3

Aglity: 1

Thought: 2

Spirit: 3

Mystique: 2

::TALENTS:: (19pts)

Brawl: 3

Weapon ( Giant Handcuff Nunchaku): 3

Deflection: 2

Homing: 2

Laser: 2

Curving: 2

Bureaucracy: 2

Perception: 1

Willpower: 2


Cheating Spellcard x2: 2

Ugly: -2

Overconfident: -1


I Fought The Law And The Law Won: Homing / Mystique
Laser / Spirit
Curving / Thought

Prison Rules: Brawl / Spirit
Laser / Mystique
Curving / Thought

Behind Closed Doors: Weapon / Spirit
Curving / Thought
Homing / Mystique


Being a prison guard, even a divine one, isn’t the easiest job, but it is fulfilling when you’re literally made for it. Long hours, no pay, dim lights, constant screams of despair and agony; what more could a girl want? Well, sometimes while playing Pin the Tail On the Kitsune you accidentally release an ancient evil to walk the world once more and get 200 years of unpaid vacation and a one-way ticket to Gensokyo. But that happens to everyone, right?

Physically, Kagiru stands a bit over 6 feet tall and has few curves to speak of. She is pale from living and working in a dungeon and has several long scars on her face. She is missing her top right incisor (plus a few others you can see if she smiles). She wears a blue guard uniform with red embellishments, with a cap whose brim covers her face. She carries a giant pair of handcuffs clasped around her waist.

Omoikiru Kagira

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