Serena Apis

The Bee Queen


Ability: Summon BEEEEEES at will
Bonus: Control bees (I guess)
Lives 3/3
CherryDice 2/7
Spells 3/3

Might 1 Agility 5
Thought 1 Spirit 4 Mystique 2

Phys Attacks
Deflect 1
Dodge 5
Sword 2

Curvy 0
Fast 0
Homing 4
Huge 0
Laser 0
Random 2
Slow 1
Swarm 4
Unusual 2

Hive Sign – Fight of the Bumblebee
S-Swarm4k4 T-Unusual2k1* M-Random2k2
1k2 converted
Ledger Sign – Calling In Debts
S-Unsual4k2 T-Swarm3k2* M-Homing3k3
1k4 converted 2k4 Converted
Hive Sign – Sticky Sweet Honey
S-Swarm4k4 T-Unusal2k1* M-Slow2k1
1k2 converted
Bartar 2
Cooking 3
Herbalism 1
Perception 3
Survival 0
Will Power 2

*Inherent Flight
*Quick Reflexes 2 (1/SESSION: Free Deathbomb as long as there is a cherry die left.)
*Property 2 Own a small farmhouse attached to a field of some other person

*Mental Issue -1 Meticulous Debt-tracking
*Overconfident -1 You know who is a Queen? THIS GIRL!
*Slow Flight -1 Bumblebuzz

30/30 at creation
43/43 Adavancement


A pair of pants with 3[pleats? I don’t know] of fabric, black → yellow → black, reminiscent of bloomers. Cinched in by the OBI her body looks somewhat broken down into abdomen and thorax, not quite, but slightly. Her blouse is a basic black (While I do feel like the black shirt and the puffy pants are poor functional choices, its touhou so aesthetics mean more). For the body type think Hartman(hips, small waist[accentuated by the Obi) and smaller breasts, if it comes down to it she is ‘ashamed’ of that fact (see Sayuka) but not padding(see Sayuka). Without her hat (le gasp) her hair is in a wavy bob and her antennae stick out, otherwise just the bottom of her hair is visible. She does not have wings EXCEPT during spell cards, unless that’s mary suey.

She lives in a dilapidated farmhouse between partway between the Human Village and the Garden of the Sun. The roof is caving in in the back, there are vines of some sort growing in and outside. To its east there is a small clover field and the west quickly transforms into human farmland. Like this but in worse shape:

Of the party members, she views Haiiro as an irreplaceable historian/youkaiologist. As far as Serena knows, she’s not dangerous at all. Shame about her pyromatic companion though.
Anegumo is viewed cautiously, anymore that attractive while still being beastly might still try to eat her. However, bug youkai have to stick together. Anegumo owes Serena something for the bites during the porch incident.
Ginkyo is a potential tax farm and a wonderful cook. Ginkyo seems entirely loyal to the party. Daimofujin looks presentable, but they probably aren’t much more than common thugs behind that cool exterior.
Kendra has an odd hairstyle, barely presentable. Not really a fully formed opinion on her personality.
No opinion on Kagiru.

Serena Apis

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