Sou Yukiko

Bubbly Miko of Good Cheer



刅 幸子
Origin: Human
Bonus: Community
Ability: Telekinesis
CP: 2/153


  • Might: 6
  • Agility: 6


  • Thought: 1
  • Spirit: 5
  • Mystique: 6

Hat: 6
Danmaku: 6
Lives: 5/6
Cherry Dice: 4/13

Advantages: Able Drinker 2, Beautiful Mind, Cheating Spellcard (Kohaku Crash!), Determination, Heirloom (Bicycle), Lucky, Property 3, Wondrous Hat, Small Hitbox, Touched by the Monsters
Disadvantages (5): Alcoholic 1, Fairy Loved, Poor Sense 2 ([Fine] Touch)


  • Brawling 0
  • Deflect 0
  • Dodge 6
  • Martial Arts 0
  • Weaponry 6


  • Curvy 5
  • Fast 0
  • Homing 0
  • Huge 0
  • Laser 0
  • Random 0
  • Slow 0
  • Swarm 2
  • Unusual 6

Bring Happiness 5
Brewing 1
Willpower 5

Magic (2/10 Spell Points)
[Laugh Maker] – 10
Length: Encounter, Magnitude: Single Target, Immobilize (5k)

[Happiness Sign] Silky Bubble Lace
Swarm – Unusual – Curvy
[Happiness Sign] Kohaku Crash!
Weaponry – Unusual – Curvy
[Luck Sign] Lucky Black Cat
Curvy – Swarm – Unusual
[Joy Sign] Laugh in the Face of Death
Curvy – Unusual – Swarm
[Purity Sign] Salt on the Rim
Swarm – Curvy – Weaponry

[Hiroko’s Favor]
Can Inflict a curse of your choosing a limited amount of times per day by calling on Hiroko and spending a CD.

Itsuki the Inchling: (add 4P)


Yukiko is the sole miko (the way she dresses, one wouldn’t figure) of an itty-bitty not-quite-a-shrine just on the outskirts the human village to the Laughing God Ebisu.

She was born premature during winter (her original life expectancy and timing earning her the name “snow child”) and was expected to not live very long. Her parents refused to give up, and went to a small, dilapidated Ebisu shrine that had fallen from the Outside decades before and prayed for her survival.
While tenuous, Yukiko was able to continue living, earning her parents’ thankfulness to the god and changing her name to “happiness child”.

However, she was unable to control her limbs well or general coordination well as she grew older. While her parents were fine with her, a four-year-old Yukiko braved the edges of the human village’s territory to sneak back to the shrine. Cleaning it up as best she could and offering her favorite snack, she promised to dedicate her service if she could speak with her parents and make friends. Ebisu gave her a gift to speak with if she practiced and worked hard to refine it.

A year of hard work later, she was miraculously able to control her own movements better through a miraculous psychokinetic ability. She told her parents she loved them and was able to embrace them herself.

As of today, she can be seen taking care of the shrine to Ebisu as a mobile miko (taking offerings and prayers to the shrine on behalf of the populace) and helping her parents at their liquor store as a delivery girl.

She is often seen bothering the girl at Suzunaan for Outside copies of a certain bizarre manga series.

Sou Yukiko

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