Shadow of the Boundary

Another Party at the Warei Mansion!
10th of the Planting Month

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Fake Reimu Unmasked!
4th of the Planting Month, Slightly Later Evening

(Next to the article is a picture taken of Sokkuri the Doppleganger, in the middle of transforming into the likeness of Reimu)

Not all is at it seems at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu has not been feeling herself recently, because she has not been herself. An imposter, a doppleganger, took her place an unknown amount of time ago.

Certain residents of Gensokyo, (insert party’s names here), found the Shrine Maiden’s actions suspicious. While the group confronted her, an ancient Youkai attacked Reimu, forcing her to reveal her shapechanging abilities to survive the encounter. Reimu is not known to have any shapechanging abilities.

The imposter was subdued by the group and relieved of her magic. She offered no information except that she played a part in a greater plan, before an external spell rendered her unconscious.

That same spell did something to all of the witnesses of the event. Research into the effects of the spell is ongoing.

Rumors of the Shrine Maiden’s recent laziness, callousness, and unwillingness to engage in her Youkai extermination job is conjectured to be the work of the imposter.

The real Hakurei Reimu is still missing. Since the Border seems to be still intact, she is believed to be alive. Any information about her current location would be appreciated.

(Shameimaru Aya)

Warei Family Exterminates Primeval Youkai
4th of the Planting Month, Evening

Their origins lay alongside the Hakurei’s, and in a recent skirmish at the Hakurei Shrine, the Warei family has shown that they do not shy away from Youkai extermination.

Few Youkai in Gensokyo have not adapted a human form, but those who have not resent those who have. One such Youkai, more specifically a spiritual confederation of Youkai in one “body,” broke free of its seals and sought revenge on the Shrine Maiden.

Either it was successful or Hakurei Reimu was not at home, becuase Warei Noroiko discovered the ancient Youkai at the Shrine with no Shrine Maiden in sight. There were the remains of a danmaku battle, however.

Resealing the released Youkai required the assistance of Noroiko’s husband and her son, Ashiro and Motochi. The Youkai is currently sealed within an iron statue by the Warei Mansion’s front gate.

You can normally tell when these old youkai have eaten somebody, according to Warei Ashiro. Their bodies get engorged and bloated, even ones without a proper physical form. This Youkai still appeared lean.

“Unfortunately, Reimu appears to have failed to defend her home, and we had to step in to prevent the destruction of the Hakurei Shrine,” says Ashiro. “Needless to say, losing the Shrine could spell the doom of Gensokyo.”

The Warei family has offered a reward to any who knows the whereabouts of Reimu. They are also interested in tracking down the other Youkai who recently attacked the Human Village.

(Himekaidou Hatate)

Youkai Buster Busted
4th of the Planting Month

Observers were stunned.

A youkai attacked the Human Village and made off with two humans. This alone is surprising in this day in age, as it was unprovoked. It also happened under the bright sun of the day, another surprising fact.

The most surprising of all is that Hakurei Reimu was on-site and did not stop the aggressive youkai. The youkai, hood over their face and stink at their feet, smashed through the wall of a house directly across the street from where the shrine maiden was having tea.

Witnesses report that she just watched the incident while sipping her tea. She rose into the air as the youkai started to flee with the captured humans, but she did not follow. Instead she is reported to have said, “I’m tired, I’m headed home for a nap.”

The Human Village stared in disbelief as their protector departed without even launching a single seal at the belligerent youkai. Grumbling of discontent has started. A rumor has even been spread that Reimu has defected to the youkai, with the prevalence of youkai at her shrine as evidence.

A painter and their model were the ones kidnapped. Their identities are not being released by request of the families.

(Shameimaru Aya)

Mysterious Character Attacks Magic Shop, Makes Off with Magician
3rd of the Planting Month

In the middle of the night last night, a certain group of three fairies went to visit the Kirisame Magic Shop, located in the Forest of Magic. They did not expect the sight that greeted their eyes. The shop had been ransacked!

“Normally she just throws stuff anywhere and it’s a big mess,” said the drill-haired fairy, “but tonight things were broken! She may be messy but she doesn’t break anything!” Also, a hole had been blasted in the side of the house.

The shop’s owner, one Kirisami Marisa, was kidnapped during the attack. She was bound with “some sort of glowey magical rope,” reports energetic light-bending fairy, “and her hat was pulled over her face. She was struggling, but couldn’t move!”

The perpetrator of the attack was fleeing the scene at the time the fairies arrived. With their hood up, they did not see the perpetrator’s face, but they “smelled bad, kind of like a wet dog after rolling in something stinky,” according to the fairy with the Hime cut hair.

The fairies were unfortunately exterminated by the kidnapper before they could gain any more details. When pressed into whether she would investigate the magician’s disappearance, Hakurei Reimu stated, “she’s a big girl, she can take care of herself.”

If you know of any clues regarding Kirisame Marisa’s location, please send them to the Youkai Mountain.

(Shameimaru Aya)

Nude Adopted Tengu on the Warpath
24th of the Deutzia Month

Wargames between the Youkai Mountain Tengu Patrol and the Kappa who live on the mountain came to an odd result as the VIP in one of the game had a mental breakdown.

Four members of the Tengu Patrol were assigned to guard Urasenke no Zenko, known as Ginkyo, from a Kappa attack of unknown type. Ginkyo is a resident of the Youkai Mountain and is a Kitsune adopted as a Tengu. As part of the wargames, the Kappa had to be unaware of the VIP’s movements.

Unfortunately the methodology used to ensure the Kappa’s ignorance of Ginkyo’s location was to insist that she not remain at home and to not be told why she had to leave or why there were four Tengu guarding her. This resulted in a mental breakdown as the Kitsune thought she was being exiled.

The Kappa finally made their move at the Hot Springs fed by the Underground, assaulting the VIP and her guard with an experimental mecha. After a fierce battle, the Tengu defeated the Kappa.

This was when Ginkyo’s mental breakdown completed itself. Using her servant, the rather fluffy Daimofujin, she had the mecha repaired and attempted her own invasion of the Youkai Mountain. Without clothes, as she had just gotten out of the Hot Springs.

Fortunately her friends managed to sooth her and clothe her before she could reach her destination cause lasting damage. Her adoptive family took her back in and explained that she was not being exiled.

The four members of the Tengu Patrol assigned to guard her did not wish to comment on Ginkyo’s mental state. Instead they complained about their assigned callsigns, bizarre combinations of Western and Eastern names.

“Inubashiri Momiji may be our leader, but she has to defer to Shameimaru Aya, who insisted on giving us the silly names. Man, Aya’s a jerk. Er, I’ll be anonymous, right?”

You heard it here first, folks. Aya is a jerk.

(Himekaidou Hatate)

New Danger in the Forest
20th of the Deutzia Month

A new threat to both human and youkai has emerged in the forest south of the Human Village.

They rampage across the lands. Already one farmer has had his crops burnt down by them. Kagiyama Hina was quick to show up and relieve the family of its misfortune.

“The fire which burnt down the farmer’s crops was fueled partially by misfortune. Whatever created the youkai that did this, it was very, very unlucky.”

Witnesses described the attack as being perpetrated by an unlikely source, a herd of squirrels.

“There were many of them! More than many, LOTS!” Ice fairy Cirno was one of those attacked by the squirrels. “Not only were there lots, but they were also on fire. Flaming squirrels! When I extinguished one, the rest bit me until I had to take a nap and wake up again. It hurt.”

Shrine Maiden Hakurei Reimu responded to questions about the new youkai by attacking the poor, innocent reporter. A spider youkai that lives near the fire squirrel’s base of operations was unavailable for comment.

Fortunately the new adversary’s rampages are localized to the southern half of Gensokyo, and they have not neared the Human Village.

(Shameimaru Aya)

Bunbunmaru Special: Unexplained Fights Syndrome!
3rd of the Deutzia Month

Could a new incident be brewing in Gensokyo? The Shrine Maiden says no!

Buried under the surprise birthday party of Hakurei Reimu, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, a threat to the safety of Gensokyo’s more innocent youkai might be baring its head.

Last night two different youkai were accosted by a mysterious tall figure. They were told that they were being engaged in a fight, then were swiftly defeated. Shortly thereafter the attacker disappeared.

“It hurt! More than an acorn to the face!” said one of the youkai attacked, who wishes to remain nameless over a silly superstition about losing names when they are written down.

The two attacks took place at a distance from each other, one close to the Human Village and the other close to the Garden of the Sun. Yuuka was unavailable to comment about the proximity of the attack to her home.

When asked about the attacks, the shrine maiden replied, “do something about it? It’s youkai beating up youkai. Two? That’s not an incident. Tell me when a human gets beat up. And get out of my house, I need to clean up. So many holes in my walls…”

There are rumors that other innocent youkai were assaulted by the same mysterious figure in nights past, but none of the victims have stepped forward. It is not often that youkai are attacked by youkai in Gensokyo.

Meanwhile, a group of youkai was spotted heading away from the shrine after talking with one of the victims. Have they decided on vigilante justice? We will find out!

(Shameimaru Aya)

Prologue: Surprise Birthday Party
In which the party assembles, decorates a shrine, and discovers an incident

It all started with Sanae and her talking about the Outside World. The resident friendly youkai of Gensokyo latched onto the idea of a surprise birthday party, and before dawn the next morning a group was sent to decorate the Hakurei Shrine for a surprise birthday party for Reimu, who most assuredly was not born on that date.

Along the way, however, the party encountered Donguriou, an acorn chasing weak youkai who was beat up by a mysterious tall not-lady. After failing to find the assailant, they continued on their task to the Shrine, where they encountered Orin (who slept through everything—mostly) and her pet cosplaying “zombie” fairies, who almost got everyone in trouble before being placated.

Once inside, they proceeded to strew decorations all over the place, putting many thumbtacks into the shrine’s paper walls, and stringing a “Happy Anniversary!” banner over a passed-out Oni’s horns. Then dawn struck, the partygoers arrived, Reimu was surprised and cake was had by some. There wasn’t enough cake to go around.

Then, however, an uninvited youkai showed up, a man with a bandaged arm seeking Reimu and her assistance. He, too, was beat up by a tall youkai in the night. As a birthday gift to Reimu, the party decided that they would hunt down this mysterious person who liked to punch poor, defenseless mythloric monsters, and set forth towards the hole to the Underground, because who else could the assailant be other than Yuugi, a tall brawl-happy oni who was conspicuously absent from the party?


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