Mofumofu Mafioso of Youkai Mountain


Shikigami: Daimofujin
Origin: Beast
Bonus: Leadership
Ability: To mofumofu anything
CP: 8.5/125.5


  • Might: 5
  • Agility: 5


  • Thought: 1
  • Spirit: 3
  • Mystique: 2

Hat: 6
Danmaku: 2
Lives: 6/6
Cherry Dice: 7/7
Spellcards: 2/2

Advantages: Able Drinker (2), Confidence (3), Servants 5 (15), Cheating Spellcard x1 (2), Were-Beast(3, Hat), Wondrous Hat
Disadvantages (5): Alcoholic (1), Code of Honor (3), Illiterate (1)

Combat: Brawling5, Deflect0, Dodge5, Martial Arts1, Weaponry0
Danmaku: Curvy0, Fast0, Homing0, Huge3, Laser0, Random0, Slow0, Swarm0, Unusual0

Manliness: 2
Willpower: 1

1. [Manly Sign] Banchou’s Back
Brawling, Martial Arts
2. [Yakuza Sign] Ordinary Made Mofujin


The giantic boss of the mofujins that hang about the tea shop (a kedama-like species of fluffy youkai hanging around on Youkai Mountain), he’s been pummeled and cajoled into being Ginkyo’s shikigami. He is respected for his strength and manliness (in comparison to his subordinates), and rules over the other mofujin like a mob boss to make sure they are able to keep their territory from other sub-youkai.

He became Ginkyo’s shikigami because he was caught raiding the larder of the Silver Tower and she threatened to cook him after his defeat.
He came to grips with the situation and used his servitude to gain more personal might and a more permanent territory for his group on the Youkai Mountain (the environs of the Silver Forest).

As of now, he and his mob form an impromptu group of helpers for the tea shop, and are prime foragers of ingredients and minor service around the restaurant, in return for food and a relatively comfortable living arrangement.

He is roughly as tall as Chen, while his closest lieutenant mofujin are only about the size of large beach balls.

He has a rivalry with the kedama boss, Ookedama, who has a greater territory than Daimofujin, but who’s hold is much more tenuous and unreliable. Both have an enemy’s enemy relationship against the Gensokyo underground rabbit queen in the Bamboo Forest (which they don’t talk about).


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