Hiromimi, Who Listens for the Thunder

A jackalope in a praire dress and rattan cowboy hat. She delivers packages and casts magic


Origin: Youkai(Generic)
Bonus: Mystique +1
Ability: Summons Winter Thunder Storms
CP 30/30
Advancement 4/4


Danmaku 4
Lives 3/3
CD 6/6
Spellcards 4/4

Fastflight 1 Never Fast Enough
Magic Training Pounding Mochi for an immortality elixer, and living in Eintei: Magic through osmosis
Superhearing 1 Ears
Small Hitbox I took it for mechanics, fuck you.
Alcoholic 1 Jackalopes can be baited with whiskey
Allergy: Alcohol 2 It makes them sleepy and sluggish. -2 to all rolls when drinking
Phobia:Birds 1 Easy roll Spirit/Will (1k2 → 2k1)
Code of Honor 1 Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Snow will keep her from delivering her package. Sunshine is a different story.
Non-Zero Talents
Dodge 3
Curvy 1
Fast 1
Laser 2

Geography 1
Medicine 1
Perception 1
Will 2

Spell Cards 3/3
New Moon Sign – Dancing in the Storm
Hiromimi begins dancing and looks less gawky and more graceful. A four lasers and streams of fast chi-balls track her targets from the tips of her antlers. Two of them move unexpectedly.
Thought Laser(4k2) Spirit Fast(1k1) Mystique Curvy(2k1)
Full Moon Sign – The Sound of a Pestle and Mortar
Noise spills from Hiromimi as she grinds rice and herbs. Red Orange and Yellow grains of rice fly at her opponents, moving in different patterns based on the colors.
Thought Laser(4k2) Spirit Curvy(1k1) Mystique Fast(2k1)
Waxing Moon Sign – A Story of a Far Away Place
Hiromimi seems to be illuminated by a campfire, she pulls an illusory six shooter and fires fast bullets. Sparks from the imagine campfire move in strange patterns.
Thought Fast(4k1) Spirit Curvy (1k1) Mystique Laser(2k1)

Magic (1/30 Spell Points) 8/8 spells a day
Winds Bringing Rain 7
A sudden cold tailwind blows, it seems to swirl in the direction you want to go.
Side (3) Encounter (3) Fast Flight 1 (1)

The Sound of Thunder Nearby 9
Thunder loudly rings in someone’s ears, they worry about they’ll stay safe from a sudden storm
Encounter (3) Single Target (0) 3 Dice Kept (3) Immobilize (3)

Eiren’s Daily Elixer 10
A Bitter Potion prepared daily and drunk in the morning. Doubles as a hangover cure.
Daily (5) Side (3) Resist magic (2)

Lightning On a Clear Day 3
Its lightning, what more do you want.
Instant (0) Single (0) 3 Dice Kept (3)

Unless otherwise stated Mimi prepares 1 Eiren’s Daily Elixer, 1 Winds Bringing Rain, 3 Sound of Thunder, and 3 Lightning attacks.


iromimi was sent to Gensokyo on a postcard. (maybe not who knows how anyone gets here). She’s middling height(5’3"?); not quite eye to eye to Reisen the First, and at least half head shorter than Eiren, nearly a head taller than Tewi. She wears her ears and hair down, both reach her shoulder blades and her thick braid is tied by a large blue ribbon near the bottom. Her antlers are small and narrow, they are only about 6inches and it have a second point just starting about halfway down. She wears a periwinkle dress with a white belt on her waist. She has a small brass heart shaped locket on silver chain around her neck. She doesn’t wear shoes* subject to change. She wears a small rattan cowboy hat, her horns point out through the brim.

Since she’s been In Gensokyo (around 1920ish) she’s found herself working as a maid for Eintei. She’s taken well to being one of the rabbits, and pounds mochi when she should. Occasionally has her deliver packages to other people around Gensokyo. Mimi never asks if it came from Tewi or Eirin. Mimi has only looked inside one of the packages. She has never stayed to watch the recipient open a package. Mimi reports directly to Tewi, she views Tewi and Reisen and Kaguya as the cooler upperclassmen and Eiren as a hallowed professor. Continuing the high school of the moon metaphor, Mokou is the starting quarterback of the rival school (but she doesn’t have a team, how sad). She saw Marisa and Reimu once at Eintei, they seem pretty cool. Hiromimi feels like a second string cheerleader.

Of the party she’s met. So far, she thinks Miss Ginkyo(the kitsune chef) isn’t Very Nice. She’s doing something mean to that Nice Mister Motochi. Reisen has asked to keep Ginkyo away from Eientei, Hiromimi might become overzealous about that.
No interaction with Anegumo(the spider weaver)
No interaction with Kireigou(a wolf tengu).
No interaction with Haiiro(the disruptive color magician)
No interaction with Honoo(the little fire fairy)
No Interaction with Hikari(some kind of Yama)
No interaction with Ekaterina(some kind of Vampire)
No interaction with Kasagi (the treasure hiding magpie)

Questions left to answer for backstory:
How does she feel about the other rabbits? Are there specific rabbits within the warren she likes/dislikes? How do the other rabbits feel about her not really being a rabbit?
What does she really know about youkai/gensokyo history?

Action chart
Spooky thing → stand still hope it leaves
Apparently Benign Incident → Cautiously investigate
Apparently Dangerous Situation → Look to others to help, tries to help them from far away.
Apparently Dangerous Situation and Alone → Run away!
Magic of any sort → Cautious exploration… hope it doesn’t explode.
Social problem → fidgit and fuss until it goes away or forced to react.

Short Term Goals:
Deliver package to [person of note].
Good End:
Recognized by Eiren and taken on as a student of magic and medicine.
Bad End:
Rejected by warren. Ignored by the Eintei higher ups. Eaten by a giant bird youkai, or even a mundane giant bird. Birds are scary, yo.
Certainly an End:
Becomes magician of another sort.

Hiromimi, Who Listens for the Thunder

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